Create a Payment Link from the dashboard


This guide is about creating a payment link manually from the dashboard

You can also create payment links thanks to our endpoints. See the documentation here

Before creating a Payment Link, you need to configure the Payment settings on our dashboard.

The field Whitelisted domain for callback URLs is not used for the Payment Links feature so you can fill it with your product website URL for example or any other https URL (there is no consequences).

Then complete the beneficiary's details:

  • Beneficiary name
  • Bank name
  • IBAN
  • BIC

All the payments initiated with your application will be sent to this beneficiary.

Note: if your application is in production, you need to be an administrator to edit the payments settings


Payment settings

Then you can generate payments links :


The required fields are:

  • Amount
  • Expiration date : the maximum duration is 90 days
  • Label : description displayed on the bank interface of the customer
  • End to end ID (optional) : id that will be sent to the bank
  • Payment user name : name of the customer who will use the Payment Link

Configure your Payment Link

Then you have access to all your payments links generated:


Payments Links list