Bridge provides an Open Banking API to initiate wire transfers payments and aggregate financial data our API uses standards such as HTTP verbs, RESTful routing and JSON for payloads.

After creating an account on our dashboard, you will be able to create a sandbox application, which allows you to start building up your application right away in a safe test environment.

Payment Initiation

Easily integrate a new payment method in your interfaces thanks to Bridge :

  • Payments Initiation : your customer is redirected to his bank interface with prefilled payments details.
  • Payments Links : generate a payment link to request payments from your customers.
  • Bridge Transfer : leverage the Financial Data Aggregation to offer one click payments by wire transfer to your customers.

With Payments Initiation, you can initiate:

  • SEPA Credit Transfer
  • Scheduled SEPA Credit Transfer (with an execution date in the future)


Our bank coverage depends for each feature. Please use our List banks endpoint to check banks capabilities.


Synchronize the bank accounts of your customers with our Bridge Connect and update their financial situation thanks to our Webhooks.

Download our Postman collection

To help you test our API quickly and easily, you can use this Postman collection:

Run in PostmanRun in Postman

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