Manage the lifecycle


Now that you have connected an item and fetched his banking data, it's important to understand how to manage the lifecycle of this connection.

A banking connection may evolve for many reasons :

  • your customer has updated his credentials on his bank interface
  • the bank asks your customer to renew his consent with a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • the bank asks your customer to validate new Terms and Conditions
  • the bank's interface has been updated

For each of these cases, our API will update the item's status and trigger the ITEM_REFRESHED webhook event to let you know what your customer should do.
Each time your application is fetching data for a customer, it's important to interpret this status too.

All these statuses are detailed on our Items status page.
Most of them require your application to redirect your customer on the Bridge Connect.

All items are automatically updated twice a day and therefore status too.
If needed you can manually refresh the items and their status.

What’s Next