Manage your item lifecycle


After connecting an item and fetching its banking data, it's crucial to understand how to effectively manage the lifecycle of this connection.

A banking connection can evolve for various reasons, such as:

  • The customer updates their credentials on their bank's interface.
  • The bank requires the customer to renew their consent through Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
  • The bank requests the customer to validate new Terms and Conditions.
  • The bank's interface undergoes updates, etc.

In response to these events, our API will update the status of the item and trigger the ITEM_REFRESHED webhook event to notify you of the necessary actions your customer should take. Therefore, each time your application fetches data for a customer, it's essential to interpret and respond to this status accordingly.

For detailed information on these statuses, refer to our Items status page. Most of these statuses may require your application to redirect your customer to the Bridge Connect for further action.

All items are automatically updated twice a day and therefore status too.
If needed you can manually refresh the items and their status.

Automatic Updates

All items are automatically updated twice a day, including their status. However, if necessary, you can manually refresh the items and their statuses to ensure they are up-to-date.


Stay Informed

To effectively manage the lifecycle of items, make sure your application monitors the status changes and responds promptly to any updates requested by the bank or the customer.

By understanding and proactively responding to the evolving statuses of items, you can ensure a smooth and secure experience for your customers.

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