Général settings

In the General Settings section, you have control over these parameters:

  • Internal Name: You can specify an internal name to create distinct sandbox apps for your testing purposes.
  • IP Whitelisting: To enhance security during synchronizations, you must authorize the IP addresses of your servers that will make API calls.

App settings

Payments configuration

Pay by Link is the gateway for your customers to connect their bank accounts. Here's how to configure it effectively:

  • Domains of your website: After paying with Bridge, your customers will only be redirected to the domains specified in this field.
  • Default beneficiary: This beneficiary will be used for payment links created from the dashboard and for payments created via API without beneficiary
  • Smart routing:
    • Only Free Instant Payments: Instant payments will be initiated only if they are free of charge for the payer.
    • Prioritize Instant Payments: To maximize the utilization of instant transfers, the payer may be subject to bank fees.

By configuring Pay by Link, you can efficiently manage the flow payments from your users while maintaining the desired level of conversion.


Smart routing

If you want to use Bridge to initiate payments to different recipients this use case needs a specific integration. Please contact us for more information.