API credentials

After successfully creating a sandbox application on the dashboard, you will be provided with a set of essential API credentials: (client_id and client_secret). These credentials are specific to your application and are required to authenticate your app for every API request.

The client_secret, as its name suggests, must be stored securely to ensure that only your servers have access to it. This security measure is essential to safeguard your application and prevent unauthorized access or actions.


It's important to note that sandbox applications are intended exclusively for testing purposes and come with a user limit.

When you are ready to transition to a production environment, you can activate your account on our dashboard. Depending on your use case, you will be able to retrieve production credentials autonomously or our team will provide you with production-ready credentials.



Please refrain from using your sandbox credentials in a production environment.

curl "https://api.bridgeapi.io/v2/banks" \
	-X GET \
	-H 'Bridge-Version: 2021-06-01' \
	-H 'Client-Id: MY_CLIENT_ID' \
	-H 'Client-Secret: MY_CLIENT_SECRET'