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We're happy to share with you our new API 2021 version! Please check our Product Changelog to know the main changes.

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API credentials

After creating a sandbox application on the dashboard, you get a set of API credentials (client_id and client_secret). They are the application's credentials and will be used in every API request to authenticate the app.

The client_secret, as its name suggests, should be stored securely in order to make sure that only you is making calls registering as your application.

Sandbox applications are for testing only and are limited to 20 users.

When ready to go in production, contact us and we'll provide you with your production credentials.


Do not use your sandbox credentials in your production environment!

curl "" \
    -X GET \
    -H 'Bridge-Version: 2021-06-01' \
    -H 'Client-Id: MY_CLIENT_ID' \
    -H 'Client-Secret: MY_CLIENT_SECRET'

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API credentials

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