Testing the payment account

Testing of the payment account

Payment account testing on a sandbox application can be conducted via the Bridge Dashboard or the API.

On a payment account sandbox, when transaction status is ACSC, payment_account_transaction will be marked as RECEIVED.

For transaction statuses other than ACSC, ensure that the payment_account_transaction is marked as NOT_RECEIVED.

As for the payment link status, it switches to COMPLETED whenever the payment is in PDNG or ACSC. Ensure that the fund_information status becomes PAID when payment account transactions reconcile with the link.

For other payment link statuses, the fund_information should be marked as UNPAID.


The fund_information status can also be set to overpaid or underpaid with manual transfer. Refer to this page : Testing manual transfer

Testing of the refund

Refund testing is available through the Bridge Dashboard or the API using the endpoint /payment-refunds.

On a payment account sandbox, the payment_account_transaction status will be updated to REFUNDED.

  • If the entire payment link amount is refunded, ensure that the fund_information is marked as REFUNDED
  • If only a portion of the payment link amount is refunded, fund_information will be labeled as PARTIALLY_REFUNDED

Testing of the payout

Testing of the payout can be done throw the Bridge Dashboard or throw the API with the endpoint /payment-account/payouts.

Testing the payout feature on the payment account sandbox involves the following two use cases:

  • A payout equal or lower to the balance will set the status to paid
  • A payout with an amount above the available balance will set the status to fail and the status_reason will be set to insufficient_funds


The payout_scheduled throw the Dashboard is not available in a sandbox application and will only be available in a production.