Bulk Transfers Statuses

Every possible status of a bulk transfer

When your users initiate bulk transfer orders, bulks are going through a set of several statuses. You can find the list below:

Bulk transfer statusDescription
submittedThe bulk transfer was created and still needs to be executed
app2app_validatingThe bulk transfer needs an App to App validation
otp_sms_requiredThe bulk transfer needs an OTP validation
transferringThe bulk transfer is being initiated
succeeded (final)The bulk has been successfully sent to the bank. You can find failed transfers in a succeeded bulk
failed (final)The bulk failed when we sent it to the ban. You can check the reason in the field status_reason
expired (final)The bulk has been stuck to a status other than a final one for more than 10 minutes
otp_sms_invalid (final)The bulk failed because of a wrong OTP code filled by the user
app2app_expired (final)The bulk failed because the user didn't accept the app to app strong customer authentication on time

When a bulk failed (status = failed), every transfer inside this bulk failed too. You can get more details and check the failure's reason in the field status_reason of the bulk and the transfers. This field depends on the information the banks share with us so the behavior might depend on the sender account's bank. Here is the possible data you can find in this field:

Status Reason for a bulkDecription
invalid_sender_accountThe sender account selected for the transfer is not valid
closed_sender_accountThe sender account selected for the transfer is closed and cannot be used
blocked_sender_accountThe sender account is blocked and cannot be used
not_authorized_for_sender_accountThe transfer is not allowed with the sender account selected
too_many_transfersThe user reached the maximum number of transfers allowed by their bank
transfer_cancelled_by_customerThe user cancelled the transfers
technical_errorA technical error occurred
not_specifiedA not specified error occurred, please check status reason for each transfer
invalid_credentialsThe banks credentials the user provided don't allow us to make transfers from their account. The user needs to edit their credentials to re-synchronize their account and try again
insufficient_funds_sender_accountSender account's balance is not sufficient to initiate the transfers