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#1 - Financial Data Aggregation

Security and settings

  • Have you set up the IP whitelisting on your Bridge applications?

  • Have you set up the callbacks, the highlighted banks and your logo?

  • Do you encrypt all the banking data you are fetching?

  • Do you generate randomly the passwords of your Bridge users?

  • Have you set up a production date with our Sales team?

  • Do you interpret our API responses?

Bridge users

  • Do you store the Bridge users (uuid, email, password) in a table linked to your own users' table?
  • Do you authenticate each Bridge user before call our API?
  • Do you delete the Bridge users when your customers cancel their subscription to your services?

Item synchronization and lifecycle

  • When leaving the Bridge Connect, do you retrieve the uuid, item_id, success, step and optionally the context parameters from the redirection url in order to adapt your journey to the customer case ?

  • When leaving the Bridge Connect, do you retrieve the item's status to identify the connection status and manage potential errors?

  • Do you interpret the item statuses everyday and before fetching banking data from our API?

  • Do you display the status_code_description to your customers to inform them of the situation? You can modify the Accept-Language header to FR to retrieve them in French.

  • In the case of an item with the 1010 status, do you ask your customer to validate a Strong Customer Authentication thanks to the Bridge Connect? Manage SCA and Sync

  • In the case of an item with the 1003 status, if it does not return to a functional state (0 status) after 48 hours, do you send a request to Bridge support?

  • In the case of an item with the 1100 status, do you ask your customer to validate his business accounts thanks to the Bridge Connect ? Validate pro items

  • In the case of an item with the 402 status, do you ask your customer to update his banking credentials thanks to the Bridge Connect because they are incorrect? Edit an item

  • Do you store the item id for your Care team to be able to investigate and open ticket with our Help Center?

Data fetching

  • Before fetching transactions, do you check the accounts and identify potential new or deleted accounts?
  • Do you store the entire user / items / accounts / transactions data model ? The API is not consumed live.
  • Do you store the id of each item, account and transaction to ensure the unicity.
  • Do you only fetch daily new or updated transactions with the transactions/updated endpoint?
  • Do you want to display is_future = true and show_client_side = false transactions?

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#1 - Financial Data Aggregation

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