Financial Data Aggregation

The data model is based on six main entities.


Bridge is a Server-to-Server API. You need to map our entities detailed below with your data structure.

  • Users belong to your application (App). The User entity is an abstraction of an end-user. The User is identified by its uuid and should be linked in your backend to your abstraction of a User / Client.
    See the User resource.

  • Items belong to a User. The Item entity is the abstraction of the connection of the end-user to a Bank. One item corresponds to one set of bank credentials.
    See the Item resource.

  • Accounts belong to an Item. The Account entity represents a real life account (e.g., a Checking Account).
    See the Account resource.

  • Transactions belong to an Account. The Transaction entity represents a real life transaction.
    See the Transaction resource.

  • Stocks belong to an Account. The Stocks entity represents a real life stock.
    See the Stock resource.

The relational model of the ressources is described below.


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