Out of the Bridge Connect

In the funnel when a user closes the app, the redirect URL (defined in your Bridge dashboard) is called.

This url is enriched with some parameters depending on the situation :

  • user_uuid: id of the user in the funnel
  • item_id: id of the item who has been added / edited / refreshed
  • success: the status (true or false) of the funnel when the user has left it
  • step: (only when success = false) the step in the funnel where the user has left it by clicking on the redirect or the quit button
  • source: connect, pay or manage
  • context: optional context which is an open parameter that you can send through the Bridge Connect
  • iban_matching: auto, manual or none (only for the Connect an item with IBAN)


Users who leave your application during the Bridge Connect won't be redirected on your callback URL. Use our Webhooks to know if the item has been created or if it's been refreshed.

Possible steps

The parameter step set in the URL can be one of those defined in the list:

  • highlighted_banks
  • link_iban_error
  • list_banks
  • sub_banks_list
  • bank_creds_form
  • edit_bank_creds_form
  • sync_in_progress
  • otp_form
  • sync_success
  • sync_error
  • sync_pending
  • pro_validation_form
  • email_validation_form