First synchronization

Connect an item

To synchronize a bank account, you'll create an Item entity, which represents the connection of a user to their bank. This item holds the credentials required for this connection.


Item entity

Think of the Item as a set of credentials that establish a connection between a user and their bank. It can includes one or multiple accounts.

The Bridge Connect is a web application hosted by Bridge. Here's how you initiate the connection:

Step 1: Generate the Bridge Connect URL

Use the following endpoint to obtain the URL for the Bridge Connect process.
The following endpoint returns the URL to the funnel, with a token identifying your App and the User:

curl "" \
	-X POST \
  -H 'Bridge-Version: 2021-06-01' \
	-H 'Client-Id: MY_CLIENT_ID' \
	-H 'Client-Secret: MY_CLIENT_SECRET' \
	-H 'Authorization: Bearer TOP_SECRET_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
  -d $'{
      "country": "fr",
      "prefill_email": "[email protected]",

The response will contain the Bridge Connect URL:

  "redirect_url": ""

Step 2: Start the Bridge Connect

To begin the Bridge Connect process, the user should follow the redirect_url by clicking on it. This will initiate the connection.

Step 3: Handle the Redirect

Upon completing the Bridge Connect, the user is redirected to your app's specified redirect URL. Ensure you have configured this parameter in your app's settings on the Dashboard.

If the Bridge Connect process is successful, your app's redirect URL will receive query parameters as detailed in the Out of the Bridge Connect section.

If the user interrupts the process (e.g., by clicking on the "Exit" link in the top right) or if synchronization fails, only the user_uuid will be appended to your app's redirect URL.


Testing Bridge Connect

You can use our Demo Bank to test the Bridge Connect and simulate various account types and errors you might encounter.

Bridge Connect

Here are screenshots of the Bridge Connect process:


Bank selection







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