Fund information status

The fund information status depends on the state of the payment account transactions related to the payment link.

Based on the fund information status, you can determine if the payment is successful.

            "id": "fdbfa488-f1df-4edc-92a9-27c21111f816",
            "status": "COMPLETED",
            "user": {
                "first_name": "John",
                "last_name": "Doe",
                "external_reference": "ext123"
            "link": "",
            "transactions": [
                    "amount": 100.0,
                    "label": "Shop payment",
                    "end_to_end_id": "AJD-CCVDD",
                    "currency": "EUR",
                    "beneficiary": {
                        "iban": "FR03XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX120",
                        "company_name": "Shop"
            "fund_information": {
                "status": "PAID",
                "payment_account_transactions": [
                        "id": "01c2dc19-2b9b-5904-a8d3-ddde09adell3",
                        "status": "RECEIVED",
                        "amount": 100.0
            "expired_at": "2023-12-05T22:00:00.000Z",
            "created_at": "2023-11-28T14:20:28.078Z",
            "updated_at": "2023-11-28T14:22:37.769Z"

First the fund information status is UNPAID.

When the status changes to UNDERPAID, PAID, OVERPAID it means you have received the money on the payment account.

The following statuses may then appear depending on the circumstances:PENDING_REFUND, REFUNDED, PARTIALLY_REFUNDED and RECALLED.

UNDERPAID and OVERPAID statuses are only possible if you get paid with manual transfers. With this payment method, be aware that you can also have a REVOKED payment link with a PAID fund_information status and that you can have multiple payment_account_transactions associated with the same payment link.