Payments statuses

Payments statuses are an essential information to manage in your payment lifecycle.

To get paid with Bridge, you create a payment link. Each time a customer tries to pay with his bank through a payment link, a payment request is created for the selected bank.

In the world of payments, tracking and managing payment statuses is crucial to ensure a seamless payment lifecycle. With BridgeAPI, you gain insights into the status of your payments through two key components:

  1. Payment Links serve as payment sessions, allowing customers to make payments as long as the link remains active. These links provide a convenient and flexible way for your customers to initiate payments.
  2. Payment Request is the initiation of a bank payment. When a customer attempts to make a payment through their bank using a Payment Link, a Payment Request is generated for the selected bank.
    Payment Requests can result in various outcomes, including success or failure. These outcomes are crucial in determining the status of your payments.

Payment request creation

In summary:

  • Payment Link: A payment session that remains active for as long as needed.
  • Payment Request: The initiation of a bank payment, which can result in either a successful or unsuccessful transaction.