Test the Bridge Connect

Sandbox environment

Use your sandbox credentials to test the API without affecting the data on your production environment. It also gives you access to a method the Delete all users that can be used to reset your data.

You will need an HTTP client such as cURL to make your first calls.


Environments are fully enclosed from each other

Resources (users, transactions, accounts, items, etc...) created with sandbox keys are not visible nor usable using production keys and vice versa.



Using sandbox credentials, you are limited to 20 users at the same time.

Postman collection

You can test our API with our Postman collection:

Run in PostmanRun in Postman

Simulator bank

When using sandbox credentials, you can use a special bank called Simulator (id = 408) to simulate the synchronization process through the Bridge Connect without using your personal bank credentials.
This can be very convenient when doing tests. Particularly when dealing with item statuses.


You can select the Simulator bank when you're redirected in the Bridge Connect

You can find below many test bank credentials for the Simulator.

123456789demo0Adds a new item with status 0. When refreshed, adds a transaction for the current date.
123456789demo402Adds a new item with status 402. The item's will be marked as having invalid credentials.

Call Edit an item to change its credentials to demo0 if you want it to correctly refresh.
123456789demo429Adds a new item with status 429.
123456789demoOTP1010Adds a new item that expect the user to enter a One Time Password (OTP).

The OTP for this item is 123456.
123456789demoOTPAppToAppAdds a new item that expect the user to validate an app to app validation on his bank application.

We fake a validation after few seconds. It generates a wrong behaviour on the status of the item. Please use demoOTP1010 for integration purposes.
123456789demo0proAdds a new professional item that expect the user to validate its pro account when he is synchronizing the concerned item.

If the user quits the funnel before, the item will have the status 1100. You will need to call Validate pro items to make him validate the pro item.

If you are testing the Bank Statements Retrieval, please use this Simulator account.
123456789demo1003Adds a new item with status 1003.
123456789demo2000Adds a new item with a lot of transactions.
123456789demo0fullAdds a new item with status 0 and loan, savings and stocks.
123456789demoCompleteAdds a new item with all kind of accounts and transactions.

This test account has the more relevant data.