Payment request endpoint errors

When using the "Payment request" endpoint, you can receive different errors depending on the data inputs.

To avoid issues when sending a payment request to the bank, we proceed to several checks. If the body contains some errors, we will list the errors in the response, like this:

  "errors": [
      "code": "payment.user.name_missing",
      "property": "",
      "message": "User name is missing"
      "code": "payment.transaction.amount_missing",
      "property": "transactions[0].amount",
      "message": "Transaction amount is missing"

Here is the complete list of errors you can get:

payment.invalid_callback_url/"The successful_callback_url is not whitelisted" or "The unsuccessful_callback_url is not whitelisted"
payment.successful_callback_url_missingsuccessful_callback_urlSuccessful callback url is missing
payment.transaction.amount_missingtransactions[i].amountTransaction amount is missing
payment.transaction.amount_too_many_decimalstransactions[i].amountTransaction amount must not have more than 2 decimal places
payment.transaction.max_amounttransactions[i].amountTransaction amount must be lower or equal than 35000
payment.transaction.currency_missingtransactions[i].currencyTransaction currency is missing
payment.transaction.label_missingtransactions[i].labelTransaction label is missing
payment.user.name_missinguser.nameUser name is missing
payment.transaction.external_merchant_invalidtransactions[i].external_merchant_idTransaction external_merchant_id is invalid or empty (only 35 characters, letters and digits only)
payment.transaction.label_too_longtransactions[i].labelTransaction label is too long (XX characters max)
payment.user.name_too_longuser.nameUser name is too long (35 characters max)
payment.user.ip_address_invaliduser.ip_addressUser Ip address must be IPv4 or IPv6 format
payment.user.external_reference_invaliduser.external_referenceUser external_reference is invalid (only 35 characters, letters and digits only)
bank.unsupported_capability/The selected bank does not support single_payment_scheduled, please try with another bank
bank.unsupported_operation/The selected bank does not support payment from a sandbox application, please try with another bank or from your production application
payment.bank_not_found/This bank does not exist or accept payments

You will get a different error if you do not provide a bank_id, if you provide a bank_id not compatible with payments or if the bank_id you provide does not match with any of our bank.

    "type": "invalid_request",
    "message": "Missing bank_id",
    "documentation_url": null
invalid_requestMissing bank id
invalid_requestNo bank matches the provided bank_id
invalid_requestThis bank is not supported for payments

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