Test the Bridge Transfer (sandbox credentials)

To try the Bridge Transfer to execute transfers, you need to have at least one synchronized Simulator item with these credentials:



Please refer to Test the Bridge Connect for more details about the Simulator.

To test different cases with Simulator, you can use the label field and you will get different results. Here are the different rules.

To apply different statuses on a transfer

initiated executedThe transfer will first have the status initiated and it will change to executed after an hour
initiated failedThe transfer will first have the status initiated and it will change to failed after an hour

In this case the status_reason will always be regulatory_reason
executedThe transfer status will be executed
unknownThe transfer status will be unknown
otpsmsThe user will have to go through a SCA with a SMS code (enter 123456 so get a success)
app2appThe user will have to go through an app to app SCA (you just need to wait for a few seconds and it will redirect you to the success page)

To apply different status_reason on a transfer

When a transfer fails, you will get more information in the status_reason field. To test them, you just need to set the transfer label as the status_reason you want to get. In this case the transfer status will always be failed. Here is every possible status_reason you can get and test:

status_reason / label

To apply different status_reason on a bulk

Bulks can also have status_reason when a whole bulk fails. You can test them by setting a transfer label as bulk {{status_reason}}. If you define several different labels this way, we will apply the first label we read.

status_reason can be different for a bulk and a transfer so here is the list for bulks:

status reason / label
bulk invalid_sender_account
bulk closed_sender_account
bulk blocked_sender_account
bulk not_authorized_for_sender_account
bulk too_many_transfer
bulk invalid_execution_date
bulk cancelled_by_customer
bulk technical_error
bulk not_specified
bulk invalid_credentials

You can also test several error cases with these rules:

  • An amount error by entering an amount inferior to 1€ or superior to 30 000€ (you can execute transfers to 30 000€ in real life, depending on your bank)
  • A sender account error by trying to initiate a transfer by choosing "Internal account sender not compatible" as the sender account

The minimum amount of 1€ concerns only fake transfers with a Simulator account.

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