Payouts from API

If you want a full control on the way you transfer the funds collected to your bank account, you can create manual payouts from API.


Feature activation

To enable this feature on your app, please contact us.

Request payouts by calling the Create a payout request endpoint with the beneficiary_id parameter. Retrieve beneficiary information and IDs using the List of payout beneficiaries endpoint.

curl '' \
	-X POST \
	-H 'Bridge-Version: 2021-06-01' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
	-H 'Client-Id: MY_CLIENT_ID' \
	-H 'Client-Secret: MY_CLIENT_SECRET' \
  -d $'{
    "beneficiary_id": "fe7ea5fc-81e8-46b0-bce7-5d0cecbdbad1",
    "amount": 2,
    "label": "A label",
    "client_reference": "client-ref-1234"

You can use the label to reconcile your payouts on your bank account. The client_reference isn't shared with your bank.

View all payout requests, whether created manually or automatically, through the List of payout requests endpoint.

Payout requests statuses include: Created, Processing, In transit, Paid, Canceled, Rejected and Failed.