Bulk transfers endpoint errors

You can provide a bulk transfers feature to your users by using the "Send bulk transfers" endpoint.

To use the feature, your user has to synchronize at least one item with at least one compatible account.

To call this endpoint, you need to add in the body an array of transfers, a transfer being:

  • a beneficiary name
  • an IBAN
  • an amount in euro
  • a label (optional)

Mandatory fields and format verifications

To avoid issues when initiating the transfers with the bank, we proceed to several verifications before redirecting your user to the Bridge Transfer funnel. If the array contains some errors, we will list the errors like this:

    "errors": [
            "code": "bulktransfer.invalid_beneficiary_iban",
            "property": "transfers[0].beneficiary.iban",
            "message": "Beneficiary IBAN is invalid"
            "code": "bulktransfer.amount_not_allowed",
            "property": "transfers[1].amount",
            "message": "Amount value is not allowed. It cannot be superior to 30000€"

Here is the complete list of errors you can get:

bulktransfer.invalid_beneficiary_ibantransfers[i].beneficiary.ibanBeneficiary IBAN is invalid
bulktransfer.amount_not_allowedtransfers[i].amountAmount value is not allowed. It cannot be superior to 30000€
bulktransfer.label_wrong_formattransfers[i].labelLabel has wrong format or is too long
bulktransfer.capability_missing/Your account doesn't have the capability to perform this operation: BULK_TRANSFER
bulktransfer.max_number_of_transferstransfersA bulk transfer cannot contain more than 400 transfers
bulktransfer.max_number_of_transfers_specifictransfersYou are allowed to initiate {max} transfers maximum in one time (this limit comes from your bank). Please reduce the number of transfers to initiate and start again.
bank.unsupported_capability/The selected bank does not support [capability name], please try with another bank

If a mandatory field is missing, you will get a 400 bad request response:

    "type": "invalid_request",
    "message": "Invalid body content",
    "documentation_url": null

Items, accounts and statuses verifications

We also process verifications on the user's items and accounts. Here is the list of the cases and messages you will get when the user's items or accounts don't allow us to initiate transfers:

The sender account provided does not existPlease provide a correct sender_account_id
The item's status linked to the sender account you provided does not allow us to initiate transfers (item's status must be 0 or 1009)Your account status does not allow to initiate a transfer. Please synchronize your account again before trying to initiate transfers
None of the user items' statuses allow us to initiate transfers (the user must have at least one item with status 0 or 1009)Your accounts statuses do not allow to initiate a transfer. Please synchronize one of your accounts again before trying to initiate transfers
The user does'nt have any itemsYou haven't synchronized any item yet. Please synchronize an item before trying to proceed to batch transfers
The user doesn't have any account compatible with bulk transfersYou do not have any account compatible to initiate transfer