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We're happy to share with you our new API 2021 version! Please check our Product Changelog to know the main changes.

You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Bridge as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck.

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Get Started


The dashboard is the interface where you can create applications, configure and manage them.

To begin using the API, you need to create an account to the dashboard on the Bridge website:


You won't be able to change it afterwise.

For each application, you can configure the parameters below:

  • APP NAME: the internal name of your application, it won't be shown to your users.
  • APP COMMERCIAL NAME: the name of the application you want to communicate to your users. This name will be part of the funnel Bridge Connect.
  • REDIRECT URL: the page where you want to redirect your user at the end of the synchronization, after the funnels Bridge Connect and Bridge Pay.
  • IPS: the IPs which are allowed to call the Bridge API with your API credentials.
  • LOGO: the logo you want to show to your users in the funnels Bridge Connect, Bridge Pay and Payment Links.
  • HIGHLIGHTED BANKS: the banks which will be highlighted in the Bridge Connect (when your user selects a bank account to synchronize)


Only allow known IPs to call the API using your application's credentials.

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