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The Bridge Connect is a PSD2 compliant web application that facilitates :

Adding and editing items

  • You can synchronize a new bank account for a user with Connect an item
  • Use Edit an item to modify the bank credentials of a user when needed.

If you need some help to synchronize your first item, you can follow the Synchronization chapter.

Managing multi-factor synchronizations

  • Each time you need to refresh an item with a One Time Password or a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) you should call Manage SCA and Sync

This process is explained in the Strong Customer Authentication chapter.

Validating end user's emails and business accounts

  • The email of the user may need to be validated with Validate email
  • The business accounts need a specific validation so you may need to call Validate pro items

These two validation are explained in the Email validation and Business accounts chapters.


  • As a regulated Payment Institution (AIS and PIS license) Bridge handles user’s banking credentials
  • Bridge validate user’s email address as he accepts our Terms of Subscription
  • Additional level of verification for professional bank accounts to certify user’s access

You can find below some screenshots of the Bridge Connect. For more details, you have all the steps of the funnel in the Synchronization part.

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