Leverage bank payments and improve experience through multiple use cases:

  • Get paid with the best checkout experience for your online store
  • Elevate your online store's payment process with a user-friendly checkout experience
  • Generate payment links that remain valid for up to 90 days, allowing you to conveniently receive payments by simply sharing these links.
  • Initiate payments to various recipients effortlessly, making bill payments and salary disbursements a breeze.

Payment experience

For online stores powered by Content Management Systems (CMS), activate our plugin within minutes to unlock our superior checkout experience.


CMS plugins

Create payment links directly from our dashboard, simplifying the process of receiving payments.


Payment link creation

For any specific needs, integrate our API and take advantage of the full power of our payment solution

Testing Made Easy: Explore our API effortlessly with our Postman collection for quick and effective testing.

Run in Postman

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