General settings

In the General Settings section, you have control over these parameters:

  • Internal Name: You can specify an internal name to create distinct sandbox apps for your testing purposes.
  • IP Whitelisting: To enhance security during synchronizations, you must authorize the IP addresses of your servers that will make API calls.
General settings

General settings

Bridge Connect configuration

Bridge Connect is the gateway for your customers to connect their bank accounts. Here's how to configure it effectively:

  • Callback URL: Configure the callback URL where your customers will be redirected after connecting their bank account through Bridge Connect. This ensures a secure connection between your interface and our platform.
  • Synchronization Type: Choose the synchronization type that suits your needs:
    • Continuous: With this option, we maintain and refresh the banking connection every day until you decide to stop it. Ideal for continuous data updates.
    • Temporary: If you only require a one-time data fetch, select the temporary synchronization type. The banking connection will automatically cease after 7 days.

By configuring Bridge Connect, you can efficiently manage the flow of financial data for your users while maintaining the desired level of synchronization.

Bridge Connect configuration

Bridge Connect configuration

Depending on your needs and on the end user’s bank, two distinct user flows are possible : redirected or integrated.

By default, the Payments account mode will be activated. Please contact us to validate your project and needs.

I want to retrieve payments accounts only (redirected experience)

This mode allows you to exclusively retrieve payment accounts (checking accounts + cards). Your users can log in directly from their banking interface. In addition, some banks offer to use biometric authentication rather than entering bank identifiers, making the experience smooth and quick. Find more info in our XXX section

I want to retrieve all accounts (integrated experience)

This mode allows the recovery of all account types: loan, life insurance, savings, checking accounts etc. With this mode your users connect from Bridge Connect without leaving your solution when the bank is supported. Also, this mode facilitates re-connection during strong authentication requests without entering identifier.

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Redirected or integrated experience