Refund your customers

Refund your customers

Once a payment is received on the payment account, you can request a refund for it.

From the dashboard

Initiate refunds for received payments by opening the payment and clicking the "Refund" button. Confirm the amount and complete a strong authentication process to initiate the refund. Track the refund status on the payment details page and view related transactions on the Transactions page.

Refund a payment

Refund a payment

From the API


Feature activation

To enable this feature on your app, please contact us.

Request refunds for payments with a RECEIVED payment_account_transaction status using the Create a refund request endpoint. Provide the payment account transaction ID as the payment_account_transaction_id parameter.

Refund request statuses include: Created, Processing, In transit, Paid, Canceled, Rejected, Failed and Recalled.

You can list all refund requests created from the dashboard or API using the List of refund requests endpoint.