See all the modifications about our current version !

When we make backwards incompatible changes to the API, we release a new version with a new date.

The following changes are considered backwards incompatible:

  • Adding new API endpoints
  • Adding new properties to the responses from existing API endpoints
  • Adding optional request parameters to existing API endpoints
  • Altering the format or length of IDs
  • Altering the message attributes returned by validation failures / other errors

Note that this changelog only reflects backwards incompatible updates so make sure you’ve subscribed to our API updates to keep up with new features.

All requests must specify a Bankin-Version header.

curl "" \
	-H 'Bankin-Version: 2018-06-15'


Endpoint behavior

  • The GET /v2/stocks and GET /v2/stocks/updated endpoints no longer return 404 when no stocks are found, but an empty list
  • The GET /v2/stocks/updated and GET /v2/transactions/updated endpoints no longer default the since parameter to now, but to epoch, making them behave like their /v2/stocks and /v2/transactions counterparts

Deprecated endpoints

  • The GET /v2/items/connect and GET /v2/items/:id/connect endpoints are now deprecated (see PSD2 compliance section below)

New endpoints

  • Introducing:
  • GET /v2/connect/items/add/url
  • GET /v2/connect/items/edit/url
  • GET /v2/connect/items/pro/confirmation/url
  • GET /v2/connect/users/email/confirmation/url
  • GET /v2/users/me/email/confirmation
  • See PSD2 compliance section below

PSD2 compliance