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When we make backwards incompatible changes to the API, we release a new version with a new date.

Note that this changelog only reflects backwards incompatible updates so make sure you’ve subscribed to our API updates to keep up with new features.

All requests must specify a Bankin-Version header.



The flag is_future displays additional information to know if a transaction impacts or not the account’s balance of the item.
So this flag can have two states :

  • false : it means the transaction is a debited transaction
  • true : it means the transaction will be debited in the future and doesn’t affect the account’s balance

For the specific case of the deferred debit cards accounts, the transactions have the is_future flag at false. When these kind of transactions are finally debited, they are deleted from the deferred debit cards accounts and they are transferred to the normal account.


The Account ressource has a new field for the IBAN. Support for this information varies depending on the account's bank.

API authentication

The client-id and the client-secret of your application should be send through Headers and not Params anymore.

User authentication

The email and the password of your users should be send through Body and not Params anymore.

Bank ressource

The bank resource has more fields.