See all the modifications about this API version. Our current one is the 2018-06-15.

When we make backwards incompatible changes to the API, we release a new version with a new date.

The following changes are considered backwards incompatible:

  • Adding new API endpoints
  • Adding new properties to the responses from existing API endpoints
  • Adding optional request parameters to existing API endpoints
  • Altering the format or length of IDs
  • Altering the message attributes returned by validation failures / other errors

Note that this changelog only reflects backwards incompatible updates so make sure you’ve subscribed to our API updates to keep up with new features.

All requests must specify a Bankin-Version header.

curl "" \
	-H 'Bankin-Version: 2016-01-18'


Beta 4

:exclamation: Removed

:lock: Security

  • Increased API security by adding the following security headers:
    • X-Frame-Options: DENY to prevent clickjacking attacks, by ensuring that their content is not embedded into other sites.
    • X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block to enable browser XSS filter.
    • Content-Security-Policy: default-src 'self'; img-src https://* to control the resources the browser is allowed to load.

:ok-hand: Enhancements

  • Moved Get an item's refresh status URL from /v2/items/:id/status to /v2/items/:id/refresh/status.
  • Added the possibility to specify a redirect_url on the bank form when using the sandbox credentials only.
  • Added the user_uuid in addition to the item_id to the bank form callback.
  • Updated the Terms of Service displayed in the bank form.
  • Category names are now translated based on the provided Accept-Language header. Currently, we only support :fr: (Accept-Language: fr) and :gb: (Accept-Language: en).
  • Added new endpoint to list all user's items
  • Added new endpoint to change a user's password
  • Added the loan_details field to the Account resource. This field may contain data if type = loan.
  • Added the savings_details field to to the Account resource. This field may contain data if type = savings.
  • Added three new stocks endpoint to the API at the address in order to retrieve a user's stocks
    • GET a single stock v2/stocks/:stock_id
    • GET all stocks paginated v2/stocks
    • GET all stocks since timestamp paginated v2/stocks/updated

Beta 3

:warning: Deprecated

:ok-hand: Enhancements

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Transaction's description and raw_description now contain the correct information.

Beta 2

:ok-hand: Enhancements

:pencil2: Refactor