Test your payment flow (sandbox credentials)

Bridge sandbox apps are linked to Banks sandbox app. Payment request won't initiate real payments so you can develop and test safely.

To ease the testing process, you'll find below a set of testing banks credentials that cover every case.


All banks available are not fully testable using our sandbox apps

When listing Banks using a sandbox app, you might see banks that are available for payment but only in production. Please use only the banks listed below if you have a sandbox app.


Sandbox can be unstable

Please note that sandbox are managed directly by the banks and can sometimes be unstable

So if your app is a sandbox, here is the list of banks you can use with testing credentials. If login or OTP SMS is missing, it means you can enter the any value in the field.

BankBridge IDTesting credentials
BNP Paribas6Login: 123456789 (everything is accepted)
Password: 785149
SMS: everything except 00000 (= failure)

Even amount = success
Odd amount = failure
Caisse d'Épargne (Île-de-France)437Login: 9999999904
Password: 17515
SMS: 12345678
Banque Populaire (Grand Ouest)38Login: 9999999904
Password: 17515
SMS: 12345678


You can test Payments with our Postman collection:

Run in Postman


Payments in sandbox are deleted after 30 days

For sandbox applications, payments older than 30 days are automatically deleted